Friday, 1 April 2011

April Fools Day!!!

Just a quick post today as I have a few cards to get sorted.
Well did any of you get caught out today with April Fool jokes? I don't normally do any but after listening to Heart Breakfast this morning and hearing what some people had got up to it got me thinking. So............when I was making breakfast and my daughter was in the lounge eating hers, I made the tea as usual, but for my daughter's tea I used cold water!! I was chuckling away to myself and had to hurry so that when she came to get it I was already in the lounge eating my breakfast. I was sitting there trying to keep a straight face and she came in yattering on about something or other, sat down still chattering away, placed her cup on her lap like she does ready to dunk a biscuit, put her other hand around the cup, then said "OMG my tea is cold!!!" Well that was it I just collapsed in hysterics!! I said to go and pour a fresh one from the pot as there was one for her when at this point my son appeared downstairs. They went out in the kitchen and she was telling him what had happened as he was putting milk on his breakfast. He reached for his glass of orange juice and I heard him say "OMG this orange juice is warm!!!" I was still trying to recover from the cold tea episode and now had tears running down my face. He came into the lounge and said to me, with a very straight face, "Mum, taste this orange it is warm!", well he only had to look at me, and then Sophie, to realise what was going on, GOTCHA!!!!!
Well they thought they could get their own back.  My daughter went upstairs to finish getting ready for school, Connor ate his breakfast and I finished mine. Sophie then came downstairs but put something away in the drawer. Well this got me thinking cause that doesnt happen very often in our house!! I casually asked her if she had used the cling film. "No of course not mum!". I left it for a little while but Connor kept asking me if I needed to use the bathroom. I insisted I didnt! Sophie left for school and we carried on as normal. Well at this point Connor now needed the toilet. I told him to go and to hurry up at which point he replied with "I cant go mum cause there is cling film over the toilet!!!" 
What a laugh. They think I'm not brighter than a 14 or 9yr old but I think for once I have proved them wrong!!
Have a fun day!!

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  1. lol at ally our April fools day antics!
    Dawn xx