Sunday, 10 April 2011

Very tired.....

today due to getting up very early to do a bootfair so will make this short and sweet as I'm likely to fall asleep soon!! We got up at the crack of dawn (even before it was light!) and headed out to our local bootfair pitch. It was very busy and loads of people around but unfortunately still came back with a car full. Dad was selling lots of his military gear and I had lots of craft bits. Several stamps and a few punches went but that was about it. Couldn't get rid of my craft holdall (and it wasn't for the want of trying!!). No question about it, I will have to do another one!!!
If anyone is interested in seeing what I have on offer please click through here, If something catches your eye please message me.
Please come back soon, take care x

PS. I have had 3 cards on Ebay this last week and am pleased to say that I have received a bid on one of them! Woohoo so pleased so I am going to try another couple very soon.

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