Saturday, 23 April 2011

Days Out

Hi everyone, hope you are well. Today I want to share with you some of the places we have been during the Easter break as it has taken over the time I normally have for cardmaking!!
Today as it was sunny yet again, we went to Shorne Country Park. We've never been there before so it was a new adventure. There is a large play equipment area, picnic areas, 2 fishing lakes and lots of walks. Before we left my son Connor tried his hand at leap-frogging, which he was really pleased he could do. Here is a mid-air shot!!!
After we left the Country Park we went towards Maidstone and stopped at a bar/restaurant beside the river and had a walk along the riverbank looking at all the boats. There is also a lock operating there but we didnt see it in action today which was a shame as it would have been good for my children to see. 
We have also visited Whitstable beach and I had a bingo trip yesterday with my lovely friends. Sophie and Connor also went to Minster beach with their nan and grandad whilst I was working and Connor learnt how to fly a kite. Tomorrow morning, nice and early, Connor and I are going to have a mooch around the local bootfair whilst Sophie has a lie-in!!!
Hope you all have a lovely Easter and make the most of the last few days of sun because apparently its going to change and get a bit colder!!!
Bye for now, please come back soon x

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