Sunday, 6 March 2011

Off to a good start!!

Well its day 2 of my 16 days off (and these 2 days have certainly gone quickly I just hope the rest dont go that fast!!). Yesterday was spent clearing out my old computer desk which I sometimes used for crafting on. The only problem was that I couldnt sit at it properly because of the shelves inside and the doors always had to be open which cause a problem when I needed to go and fetch things I needed. Well after clearing it out I went to collect my new desk and spent the afternoon assembling it with the help of my daughter, and then mum and dad helped get it in place when they called. Here is the finished item before I start using it.

Today I have had a little clear out of some more craft stuff which I dont use any longer. Trying to be ruthless because there's no point holding on to it all and not using it, it just takes up room which could be used for other bits!!!
Ive made 2 lovely cards this week but just need to finish the insides and make boxes for them before I post them on here. Im going to try a new way of making boxes and had to make a trip to The Range yesterday to get some 12 x 12 white card. It was an essential of course!! As my children will be at school tomorrow I will have the ideal time to sit and do this so hopefully will post tomorrow night. I've set myself the challenge of blogging every day on my 2 weeks off so watch this space. Even if its only something little, it will be here!!
Anyway I must go now as I need to try a new link on here of things I'm selling.
Happy crafting, please come back soon

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