Friday, 11 March 2011

Im a winner!!!!

Well I'm sorry to say this folks but today I have no craft pics for you cause I'm just so excited. This morning I was on Heart London and played a competition called Heart-iculate with Jamie Theakston. I won the top prize as I got 5 questions right and have won a Family Pass to Chessington World of Adventures. (I did get a definite 4 correct but there was a query on the 5th one and as its my birthday this weekend they gave it as correct!!). I would have settled for a Heart mug but woohoo a Family Pass is sooooo much better. Not sure if its a year pass or just a day one but will find out shortly. Jamie & Harriet are such a laugh with their banter in the mornings and certainly make us have a good start to the day!!
Jamie with Take That
Harriet with Take That
Well on that note I am off as Im seeing some of the girls from work tonight for a girlie eve and then off to the Ideal Home Exhibition tomorrow.

Bye for now

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