Saturday, 12 March 2011

Another day of no crafting!!!

Last night I went to the pics with some girls from work to watch 'Hallpass'. Was a bit wary of what it would be like after the conversation on the radio in the morning but it turned out to be quite funny. We then carried on the evening by having a meal at Frankie & Benny's. A lovely evening indeed.

But OMG I don't know whats happening to me as I've just had another day of no crafting!! Instead we have spent the day at

We had a lovely time looking at and listing things that we'd have in our new house when we win the lottery. A very large hot-tub came somewhere on that list!! We've sampled food stuffs, watched hair-do demonstrations, seen a fashion show and seen how to make ice cream in 35 secs and soup in 6 mins. We did pass on buying the item that makes these as it was £439!!!
This item would go well in Sophie's pink bedroom and it also pipes music all round the house and has space for an Ipod. Saving up will take a time tho as it cost £5,000!!!

I will try to be a little creative tomorrow if my children allow me. Being my birthday tho Im not sure whats happening so cant make any promises!! All I do promise tho is that I will be back to blog as Im keeping it going like I said I would!!

Bye for now, please visit again soon

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  1. wow when u do win the lottery can i have a juke box like tht too lol
    happy birthday for tom xxx