Saturday, 30 October 2010

OMG!!! :) :)

.....what am I like, left it a few days yet again! Lots been happening this wk with half term so not had any time to craft. Wednesday was spent covering the whole of my lounge with the contents of cupboards and drawers whilst I sorted all my craft stuff. Had a good turn out and now I can see that I do have carpet reaching up to the furniture!!! Thursday was spent with another trip to London. This time we went to Ripley's Amazing But True place at Piccadilly Circus. There are some really strange people around that obviously have too much time on their hands and think up all these weird and strange feats to do! After a lovely dinner my daughter and I parted from Connor and mum (they caught the train home) and we went to the theatre to see Flashdance the Musical which was a birthday prize from Heart London. We had front seats of the Royal Circle so had a brilliant view of the stage. A show which we would definitely recommend if you were thinking of seeing it!!

Well today was just finished on an even higher note. We now have another show to look forward to next yr which we are all sooooooooo excited about. Any guesses what it might be anyone?????

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  1. Sounds like a supa-dupa time ....All this high living and Royal boxes! Where's the cards then?

    The show next year...could it be 'The Archers on Tour'? xx:)