Saturday, 23 October 2010

Wow music!!!!

Well I was having a bit of a nosey through lots and lots of blogs tonight when I found this music widget....just had to have it.....have spent ages adding songs and now thats it!! Please let me know what you think about having music playing whilst reading up on what I've been doing. Is it off putting, or is it ok? I found it nice to have my blog open with music playing on one tab whilst reading other blogs through another tab. I do like my music but cant often get to listen to what I want to as my children play the music channels and listen to their choices (not all bad I must admit and they do catch on quickly to my kind of tunes!!!). Will post some cards tomoro, fingers crossed.
Happy crafting, thanks for visiting


  1. I am not keen...I found I was distracted by the you tube screen ....sorry don't like music on blogs ...don't forget I am a miserable old *** !!

    E xx

  2. i like it,its nice to listen to some music whilst browsing your blog.must admit to jumping sometimes though when i`ve got the volume too loud on my pc :D

    xx coops xx