Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Cant stop.....

...doing all the sorting out at the mo!! Have had another day of trying to organise craft stuff and have been really ruthless and cleared loads of bits that I no longer use. I've kept hold of it each time thinking I will use it but still havent. I posted lots of pics in my Facebook album tonight and 90% of it looks like selling, just waiting on confirmation at this moment.
Tomorrow I'm going to make up for it tho as Im having another day with Eileen or 'The Missus' as she is known to Daisy. Please take a look at Daisy's blog if you havent done so already. She really gets up to mischief sometimes and the pics that OTL (Old Two Legs) takes of her are just great! Daisy tends to steer clear of us whilst we craft, probably afraid of getting covered in glitter or stuck to something!!! Anyway hopefully a card to post tomoro if things go to plan so please come back and have a peek!!
Bye for now, happy crafting.

1 comment:

  1. Daisy is getting a bit demanding now she famous' on Twitter too! You are just encouraging her! (pleased with the link ta!) xx