Sunday, 8 August 2010


do other people manage to find time to make cards and enter them in challenges, take pictures of their cards, do entries on their blog and also do all the other everyday household chores because I just cannot manage it all!! It has taken me all day today to make a booklet card plus another simple card and Ive just managed to take some pics of them. I havent got time tonight to upload them here as Im up early for work tomoro (5.30am) so will hopefully do it tomoro once home from work. Also I have gone without tea tonight and have not had my children around all day so why o why can I not manage it. Any tips would be gratefully received if there is anyone out there that manages it all!!!!


  1. hiya angela.i only work 20 hours a week so that helps.i tend to set aside an hour where i go through my challenge list and write down ones i would like to enter and then try and combine some.i normally decide what image i`m using.try and colour it in before i start work in the afternoon and once little un is in bed at night i make my card and then catch upon commenting at the same time.hth.

    xx coops xx

  2. Cut down on all the unimportant stuff....housework etc....just do the cards !!!