Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Bit of experimenting!!!

Hi everyone, hope you are well. Left it too long again and have so much I've been doing just never had time to sit and blog. Think I may have to set some time aside and write a few posts and schedule them!!!Today's post is to show you some flowers I have made today using a die I bought at Oyster Stamps today. The lady who served me was very helpful in showing some flowers she had made and giving me tips to do them. Really its just a case of experimenting until you are happy with the finished product.
(Sorry the pics are sideways, they were the right way on my pc but I'm still getting use to taking pics with Iphone and them being automatically loaded onto pc!)
This is the die I used. There is a small and a large one in the packet.....
These are the punched out shapes.....
...and this is the finished result. The top one is my second attempt which I think I used a few more layers on than my first but still quite pleased with the finished article. Now just need to make a card for it using another die I have and then......need to make a box!!!

Please feel free to leave any comments and I promise to be back soon with another new idea I've been trying.
Happy crafting


  1. Woohoo these are a bit of alright Ange ... Might have to have this die ! Xxxxxx

  2. these look stunning angela :D

    xx coops xx