Thursday, 3 December 2009

Evening everyone, I'm just so pleased I have won an award, my first one ever! Now I have to do the following.

1. Copy this award to your blog
2. Link to the person who gave the award to you
3. Share 7 interesting facts about yourself
4. Choose 7 other bloggers to pass this award on to
5. Link to their blogs
6. Leave them a comment to let them know about this award

Well here goes, I will try my best!

First I have to thank Nicolafor being kind enough and giving me this award, it makes it all worthwhile when there is positive feedback on my cards.

Now for 7 interesting facts about me (or not!)

1. I have 2 wonderful children who I absolutely adore and couldnt live without but I have never experienced contractions as I had 2 planned caesareans due to ..........

2. I had a brain haemorrhage when I was 22 yrs old and was not allowed to go through natural births.

3. I spend too much time crafting and not enough time doing housework!!!

4. I once abseiled down a block of flats in Bromley, Kent to raise money for the building of Demelza House Childrens Hospice.

5. I won £50 on the Premium Bonds 21yrs ago and have won nothing since!

6. I have just started a new job as a Clinical Support Worker at our local hospital.

7. I prefer the summer to the winter.

I hope something caught your eye in all of that, now to choose 7 people for the award.

1. First to Karen whose blog is lovely. I liked the easel card with the poem for the teacher.

2. Secondly Is Caryn, I dont know how you manage to make such wonderful cards and cake boxes and have a lovely blog when you have 5 children, I have trouble and I've only got 2!!

3. The next award is to Alex who I have been a fan of since she sent such a wonderful card to my daughter last yr on her birthday (along with some freebies!).

Well its taken me hour and half to get this far so Im going to call it a night. There are lots of other people I would like to pass the award to but they have already been given it. I think everyone has their own special talent and there are so many wonderful blogs on here it is tough to find 7. Please dont think that you must be rubbish because you dont have the award because its not true, you all have something that catches our eye on your blogs because we keep coming back xxx

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  1. congratulations hun, glad you managed to figure it out.hugs coops.xx